Transportation Management & Scheduling In-Facility Services Senior Center

The transportation management and scheduling module makes it fast and easy to create transportation service records. It also gives you a powerful tool to track and manage your fleet, giving you two management tools in one.

This module comes equipped with an easy to use scheduler that allows you to complete quick vehicle assignments for each pickup/drop off you need to make. It also allows you to categorize trips and use detailed destination selections and route directions using our interface with Microsoft’s MapPoint. Should you not need scheduling, you can simply enter the service records/trips once they have been completed.

You can also set-up multiple service reimbursement structures: By trip, by mile or by trip category. If gives you an opportunity to set up very customized trip reimbursement plans by funding source for the applicable requirements.

There is a variety of other information that can be tracked for your clients, such as funding source, medical information (such as wheelchair use), residence directions and other details for reporting and invoicing. A separate “Bill To” form captures relevant data if the individual paying for the service is different than the person receiving it.

Features & Highlights:

  • Auto client scheduler that can be copied to multiple days throughout the year.
  • Complete scheduling “on-the-fly” for clients that contact your center that very day.
  • Vehicle assignments for dispatching along with route sheets by route or by vehicle.
  • Service start date, end date and end reasons are tracked.
    Route groups and routes within each group.
  • Automated reassessment date notification – Based upon last assessment date entered.
  • Tracking of funding source by client.
  • Over 30 reports dedicated to transportation.


Drivers will know who gets picked up when and how to get to the clients residence, while clients will be happier not waiting for drivers. Employees appreciate being able to access ALL client demographical and service-related data real time across departments.

The transportation module promotes an easy and efficient operation while also streamlining workflow to make daily tasks simple and accurate. And with the real-time funding source manager, you’ll have better utilization and management of resources and increased productivity to spend more time doing what you do best – helping seniors.