SERVtracker® puts agency management details at your fingertips

SERVtracker is a software solution that gives aging and community-based service providers a wide range of tools that makes tracking, reporting and billing of your agencies services easy, cost-effective and reliable.

It starts with comprehensive data storage

SERVtracker makes it easy to keep client specific data in one place — ready to be used for any number of needs by any employee or department in your organization. Once client data is entered, the system creates a central file that provides a comprehensive view of every way that your organization interacts with that client.

  • Hundreds of data fields collect every aspect of your client’s information from medical information, emergency contacts, and services being provided
  • All important assessment data can be maintained including important NAPIS forms such as ADL, IADL, and NRA, as well as automated processes for timed assessment activities

One client … one history … group access and management

SERVtracker is known for how it solves the information gap – putting all the information at the fingertips of anyone that needs it with a view of the entire client relationship. This multi-user access makes comprehensive service management easy: there’s no additional software applications or add-ons needed and there’s no challenges with the data integration across all areas of client management.

  • Increase productivity in your operations using features like bar-coding, touchscreen technologies, hand-held devices or a swipe car reader – with seamless integration to SERVtracker.
  • Make data work for you using any of the hundreds of available reports that come standard with the product for tracking, monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on the services by your organization.

Tracking, billing and reporting is more manageable

SERVtracker takes away laborious manual tracking methods and complex accounting strategies that make reporting a challenge. The combination of having both standard pre-designed functionality and an ability for customized queries and data entries allows your organization to easily answer unique reporting requests from grantors and funding organizations.

Management of all of your funding activities is available in the accounting module to generate private pay invoices, co-pay invoices, track payments, view open balances, aging reports, provider statements, general receivables and other standard financial reports. SERVtracker allows you to view all data by client or by funding source as well.

If you have a need to do EDI billing to the state for Medicaid or other funding sources, you can use the EDI Claims module as well. It can generate 837 Professional and 837 Institutional files that meet federal specifications. The EDI Claims system will help you easily manage your billing, payments, denials and resubmits.

Customized for your type of business

Each of the modules is designed to focus on a particular segment of the aging and community-based service providers needs. You will quickly see that we’ve covered the many needs of your business in the dashboard screens, data fields and reports.

You can use whatever areas of the software that best fit your business and immediately benefit from automated features, “on the fly” capabilities, and a scalable product that can support a single source user or a complex network.

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